장용성 교수
(Ph.D, Univ. of Rochester, 1997)


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University of Rochester (2007 – present) Associate Professor
서울대학교 경제학과 (2004 – 2007) 부교수
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond(2003 – 2004) Senior Economist
University of Pennsylvania(1997 – 2003) 조교수

University of Rochester, Ph.D., Economics, 1997
서울대학교 경제학 석사 1991
서울대학교 경제학 학사 1989


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“Comparative Advantage and Unemployment” (with Mark Bils and Sun-Bin Kim), Journal of Monetary Economics, forthcoming
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“Heterogeneity and Aggregation: Implications for Labor Market Fluctuations,” (joint with Sun-Bin Kim), American Economic Review, 97 (5), 1939-1956, 2007.
“Do Technological Improvements in Manufacturing Raise or Lower Employment?” (with Jay H. Hong), American Economic Review, 96 (1), 352-368, 2006.
“From Individual to Aggregate Labor Supply: A Quantitative Analysis based on a Heterogeneous-Agent Macroeconomy,” (with Sun-Bin Kim), International Economic Review, 47 (1), 1-27, 2006 (lead article).
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“Wages, Business Cycles, and Comparative Advantage,” Journal of Monetary Economics, 46 (1) 143-172, 2000.


김태성 학술상 (한국 계량경제학회, 2005)
우수 연구 교수상 (서울대 경제학부, 2007)
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