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(Ph.D., Cornell University, 2003)


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- Doctoral Degree Cornell University, 2003, Economics
- Master’s Degree Yonsei University, 1997, Economics
- Bachelor’s Degree Yonsei University, 1991, Economics

- Associate Professor, College of International Studies, Kyung Hee University, 2010. 3-2012.2
- Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo, 2003. 7-2010.2


“Joint Liability Borrowing and Suicide: The Case of Japan” (with Joe Chen and Yasuyuki Sawada), accepted at Economics Letters, 2010.
“Socio-Economic Studies on Suicide: A Survey” (with Joe Chen, Mori Kohta, Yasuyuki Sawada and Saki Sugano), accepted at Journal of Economic Surveys, 2010
“不況失業と自殺の関係についての一考察”(with Yasuyuki Sawada, Saki Sugano), 日本労働研究雑誌、2010.
“Global Crisis and Exchange Rate Response: A Story of Two Countries“(with Tae Yoon Sung and Doyeon Kim), Global Economic Review, March 2010.
“How is Suicide Different in Japan? “ (with Joe Chen and Yasuyuki Sawada), Japan and the World Economy, vol 21 (2), 2009, pp.140-150.
“Those who are left behind: an estimate of the number of family members of suicide victims in Japan“ (with Joe Chen, Mori Kohta, Yasuyuki Sawada and Saki Sugano), Social Indicators Research, 2009.
“Retailer Dynamic Pricing and Pass-Through Behavior –its Impact on Consumer Welfare“, Dissertation, Cornell University, May 2003. (Committee: Robert T. Masson (Chair), George Jakubson, Ted(Edward) O’Donoghue)
“Effects of Price Uncertainty and Market Structure on Industry Investment in Korea :1973-1993“ (with Kap-Young Jeong), International Economics Studies, The KIEA, August 1998.