kimyongjin(bigsize)김용진 부교수
(Ph.D, London School of Economics, 2003)


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Ph.D Economics, London School of Economics, 2003
MSc Economics, London School of Economics, 1997
BA Economics, Trinity College, University of Cambridge, 1996 

Job experience
2002~2009, University of Southern California 조교수


The Price of Experience(with Hyeok Jeong and Iourii Manovskii), revised March 2008 Previously, Demographic Change and the Return to Experience Complementarity and Transition to Modern Economic Growth(with Hyeok Jeong), revised September 2007 Estimation programs and instructions, Simulation programs and instructions Financial Institutions, Technology Diffusion and Trade, revised December 2006 S-Shaped Transition and Catapult Effects(with Hyeok Jeong), revised April 2008 Slides, Simulation programs and instructions Asset Ownership, Investor Protection and Technology Adoption, revised September 2007